Setting up a VPN Blog

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Many people use a absolutely free VPN weblog while they are still starting out running a blog or even learning the basics of blog. As you may well have found, when you sign in to your no cost VPN blog, you may not call at your IP address. That is because when you get connected to a free VPN blog not necessarily free, nevertheless since most free sites have advertising you are able to in least see your IP address and that is the IP address you have to be able to titled ping and get your blog.

When you start getting traffic into those sites, you may discover that the traffic receives quite high. Therefore , if you are building your network blog then you certainly will want to build those accounts to get some IP address and then set them up so that you can ping those public systems to obtain good response. In today’s document let present how you can launched the VPN blog that will help you do merely that later on down the road. First all of us will setup a Facebook or myspace account to be able to have the ability to watch latest content on your network blog, and being able to titled ping those support systems to send visitors your website. After you have done that you will be able to get connected to your VPN blog and go to settings and then add the Facebook accounts.

Then you can go to settings and then add the Facebook connect to and then established it up to your liking. You will also need to decide which website name your blog will probably be associated with, after which you will need to click the publish option. After that you should be able to see a fresh page named Facebook Hook up. Now you may possibly click on the advanced link on the left of the web page. That website link will take you to the option of choosing a DNS host identity and a username and password to your VPN blog.


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