BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS Customer Service – The Importance of your Social Media Strategy For B2B Corporations

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In a latest article, I was discussing the value of sales in social internet marketing with probably our clients, a consulting firm. This is an agency that does primarily online consulting and also has an affiliate program that allows it to reach even more local businesses that it wouldn’t normally normally be able to reach itself. What we had been discussing was how recruiting in social media could help the agency extend its organization offerings, which in turn would bring even more local organization to the asking firm. This is an excellent example of how using social websites as a way to pull in new customers can make a win-win problem for each party. Our customer and I arranged that when considering attracting new clients, prospects would be the most important issue and as a business owner should position the effort in to making sure that they are really right for you.

One great way this can be attained is through the use of an Instagram marketing campaign. Instagram is currently the fourth many popular internet site on the net according to Technorati, and this is no little feat. There are numerous ways that an Instagram promoting advertising campaign can benefit the consulting firm because there are numerous types of people who watch Instagram. When you are able to find a method to get people from your marketplace to view your Instagram profile, you have just made your job much easier. A recent review by Ice & Sullivan showed more than 3/4 of internet users have at least a person account on Instagram, and this makes it an excellent place to begin a social media marketing technique for your business-on-business business.

Another tool which can be used in conjunction with Instagram is an auto responder, also referred to as an auto attendant or contact management system. This contact management system automates lots of the common interactions that you will have with the b2b clients such as followup, response, recommendations, etc … This will make managing the customer list much easier and may automate a substantial amount of the work that is involved with managing contacts on other network sites. Consequently whether your firm is usually large or small , if you would like to grow your business, or simply make sure that you stay competitive, consider an Instagram marketing campaign to your company. The automation as well as the ability to get connected to new customers on an each day basis is something that will help you maintain a successful customer base and maximize sales at the same time.


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